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Topaz Glow

Topaz Labs is an interesting little plugin that detects hidden textures that aren’t visible to the naked eye and then illuminates these hidden contours in a special way (customizable through 72 presets and special sliders). The result is quite surreal – not necessarily applicable to just any image, but sometimes creating quite interesting look like tracing your photo with intense luminescent ink.

Topaz website has many stunning Before and After image examples processed by Glow. You can view them by visiting their site using the provided link below.

I am still experimenting with various options in the new program. Not every image lends itself for this type of processing and sometimes you may discover quite unexpected results. Here is one of my airplane images which I processed in Glow using two different resets:

Original image (Before)

and After

Below is a winter scene from my street after a snow storm.
First the original image:

Next picture processed by Glow’s Liquify preset and blended with the original image.

and the same image converted to Black and White

and here is something different:
Two plump chicks processed with the Fur-And-Feathers preset:

To view, purchase, and download the new Glow plugin, use the following link:
Topaz Labs Glow

[s]and enter “INTROGLOW” as the discount code to obtain $20 discount from the regular $69.99 price.[/s]

IMPORTANT: If you already own the Topaz Collection, use the same link and login with your Topaz id, and you’ll get additional $10 discount.

To purchase another Topaz plugin or the entire collection, you can use the same link and a discount code “lespalenik” for 15% discount. This will work at anytime for any Topaz single plugin or a complete bundle.


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