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This is a beautiful winding road stretching from Virginia to North Carolina. It is almost 500 miles in length, but don’t plan on covering it in one day. It’s a narrow two lane road with a speed limit of 45 mph, no gas stations, no restaurants, and only occasional pull-outs. The road twists along the ridges of Blue Mountains, and you’ll see amazing valleys and hills, tunnels cut into the rocks, quiet pastoral scenes, and picturesque homes along the parkway. If you have the time and want to photograph, take short hikes, and smell the flowers, you would need 4-5 days for the entire trip.

But even if you hop on it just for one short stretch, and then get back on the main highway, it’s worth seeing and experiencing it.

Here are a few shots from my recent drive through this beatiful region.

<On The Road

On The Road

Beside The Road

Below The Road


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